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NeilMed® Sinus Rinse

NeilMed® Sinus Rinse 

By: Amber Hannah, Pharm.D. Candidate 2021  


The NeilMed® Sinus Rinse is a squeeze bottle system that lets you insert a saline solution into the nose on your own. It is used to help with nasal congestion. The NeilMed® Sinus Rinse is available in most local pharmacies as an over-the-counter product, so no prescription is needed.

What is sinus rinse? 

A sinus rinse, also known as nasal irrigation, is a safe and simple technique to help with nasal congestion, sinus irritation, and seasonal allergies that can be done at home. Saline is the main ingredient inside of the rinse, along with distilled or boiled water. The saline is present to protect the nose from irritation and to allow an effective nasal cleanse. 

NeilMed® Sinus Rinse instructions. 

Step 1: Wash hands and fill the squeeze bottle with distilled water or boiled and cooled down water. Be sure the water is cooled to not burn the nasal cavity. 

Step 2: Cut the SINUS RINSE (salt) packet at the corner and pour it into the water from step 1. Tighten the top and cover the top to give the bottle a gentle shake to mix. Be sure mixture has dissolved. ONLY use the NeilMed® SINUS RINSE packets for sinus rinses. 

Step 3: Stand over a sink and insert the top into one nostril. Keep your mouth open, and do not hold your breath, squeeze the bottle until the solution is coming out of the opposite nostril. Get at least ½ of the solution into one nostril and the other ½ in the opposite nostril. Some may go into the mouth but do not swallow.  

Step 4: Blow your nose very gently to help get rid of any left-over solution in the nasal cavity.  

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the next nostril.  

Step 6: Clean bottle and cap and let it airdry on a paper towel or NeilMed® NasaDOCK® if purchased. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How often can you use NeilMed® Sinus Rinse? 

NeilMed® Sinus Rinse can be used up to 6 times a day in certain circumstances. Many people only rinse twice a day, and some physicians can prescribe for 3-4 times a day. Recommendation is to replace the bottle every 3 months. 

What are the side effects of NeilMed® Sinus Rinse? 

The most common side effect is nasal irritation. Emergency side effects include an allergic reaction: hives, rash, and difficulty breathing. 

Is it safe to use tap water for sinus rinse? 

It is not safe to use tap water in a sinus rinse because it has not been adequately filtered or treated. There are impurities in tap water, such as bacteria and protozoa, that can cause serious damage to the nose because it will stay alive. 


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