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Compounded Otic Powder for Otitis Externa

Compounded Otic Powder for Otitis Externa 

written by Bailee Nalls with Belmont University College of Pharmacy 



Otic powder is a dry-powder treatment for treating otitis media. It includes two 

antibiotics, chloramphenicol, and sulfamethoxazole, and an antifungal amphotericin B.  

Remove the tip of the insufflator blub. Open the gel cap so the powder is all in one side. Insert the filled side into the insufflator tip compartment and replace the tip.  

During an infection, the medication is puffed into the infected ear(s) twice a day, and then one puff weekly after the infection is gone to prevent it from coming back.  

Where can you get Otic Powder? 

Otic Powder is a compounded medication that is made at specialty compounding pharmacies, like Midtown Express Pharmacy. Your doctor or provider will prescribe it and send it to our pharmacy that can make it for you. 


What is otitis media? 

Otitis media, also known as swimmer’s ear, is a type of ear infection that occurs in the ear canal.  

Common signs and symptoms include ear pain, itching in the ear canal, bad-smelling or colored pus oozing from the ear, redness and swelling in the outer ear, temporary hearing decrease or loss, and slight fever.  

It is commonly seen in people who spend a lot of time in the water. The ear canal can hold water and is dark and warm which makes it the perfect place for bacteria and fungus to grow. 

How do you use Otic Powder?  

The powder comes contained in gel capsules. There is also a insufflator blub that helps to deliver the medication into your ear.  


Does powder work better than liquid?  

Powders are better able to adhere to moist surfaces and last longer than liquids.  

What happens if otitis media is left untreated? 

Infections can continue to occur and bone and cartilage damage is possible. Infections can also spread to other areas of the body, causing adverse effects.  


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