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Complete Rinse® Nasal Irrigation System

Complete Rinse® Nasal Irrigation System 

written by Lex Koch, a pharmacy student at Belmont University 


Routine nasal rinsing has demonstrated benefits including improved quality of life by clearing and cleansing the sinuses. Nasal irrigation systems are an inexpensive, self-administered treatment designed to help relieve symptoms of various sinus conditions including rhinitis, sinusitis and congestion associated with common colds and allergies. Nasal irrigation is often used to loosen mucus and remove dirt, dust and pollen from the nasal lining. Medications are often added to nasal rinses to treat infections and reduce inflammation and pain in the sinuses. 


What is the Complete Rinse® nasal irrigation system? 

Complete Rinse® is a revolutionary approach to nasal rinsing that limits the entry of saline into the throat, ultimately reducing the gagging feeling associated with other commercially available rinses. While other irrigation systems require the user to tilt the head at an uncomfortable angle, Complete Rinse® is designed to work with the user in an upright position, further enhancing comfort. 

When should I use the Complete Rinse® system? 

Complete Rinse® can be used daily as part of a complete sinonasal maintenance regimen. Additionally, Complete Rinse may be used preventatively at the first sign of a cold, allergies, or to lessen the symptoms at the onset of an infection. Talk to your healthcare provider to determine if nasal irrigation is the right option for you. 

What kind of water should I use? 

Distilled water is the only water that should be used for nasal irrigation. It is inexpensive and readily available at most grocery stores and pharmacies. Tap water may contain organisms that can lead to potentially serious infections. Boiling water that has properly cooled is an alternative to distilled water. 


Can children use Complete Rinse®? 

Yes! Children are one of biggest groups to utilize nasal rinse systems. While very young children may not tolerate the procedure itself, many children consider it and easy and fun alternative to oral medications. Consult with your child’s pediatrician before using Complete Rinse®. 

Can I use tap water instead? 

NEVER use tap water for nasal irrigation! Tap water contains organisms that are safe to drink, as they are killed by stomach acid; however they can thrive in nasal passages and pass easily through the mucous membranes in the sinus cavity. 

How do I clean the irrigation device? 

Clean your Complete Rinse® device with distilled water only, and let it air dry. 


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